April 26, 2008


January 23, 2008

Loro Blonyo Exotic Ceramic Statue from Yogyakarta

Loro Blonyo Ceramic StatueOne of famous ceramic displays is statue of a couple sitting in polite position. This statue is named Loro Blonyo. This statue is adopted from a bridal couple owned by Yogyakarta Kingdom. In Javanese language, Loro means two or a couple, while Blonyo means to be made over through bathing and making up.

The existing belief of Loro Blonyo statue that brings luck and perpetual family life when located at home, brings positive impact on the sales of this statue. Some foreigners place order of special statues in certain forms such as dancer, guitar player, models and others. The clothes are not standard Javanese anymore; special clothes of some countries are adopted; statues in Balinese and Thailand clothes are found most. Some ceramic galleries sell this statue in different styles.

January 22, 2008

Traditional Japaness Art And Handicraft

Bandar Seri Begawan - Handicraft enthusiasts can now make a trip down to the Rizqun International Hotel to admire Japanese handicrafts being exhibited in the lobby of the hotel.

The Kuchina Handicraft and Art Exhibition showcase Kiriyo Kuchina's art and handicraft pieces that includes items such as bags, purses and fabric. Born in Osaka, Japan in 1942, Kiriyo Kuchina is recognised in producing the original Kiriyo-Ori, and her works of arts are created based on a traditional Japanese weaving form called Saganishiki.

Traditionally, twisted paper was used as threads for this form of weaving, which gradually evolved into a style that uses durable Japanese paper coated with gold, silver and silk threads.

At the launch of the exhibition yesterday, Dato Paduka Hi Hamdillah Hj Abd Wahab, president of the Brunei-Japan Friendship Association (BJFA) welcomed everyone in his opening remarks and said that it was an honour to showcase works by Kiriyo Kuchina

Kiriyo Ori was featured in a number of Japanese publications and has been described as a jewellike woven textile for its exquisiteness and ornateness.

The exhibition was organised by the BJFA, which hopes to further promote Japanese culture and enhance ties between Brunei and Japan.

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